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Why Sell On Sweet Boats?

The Sweet Boats Advantage

1.  Free Listings: At Sweet Boats you can submit your boat for consideration at no charge. We don’t charge any commissions, ensuring you retain the entire sale amount. Buyers pay a small premium that is paid to Sweet Boats for marketing the boat on its platform.

2. Trade-In Advantage: With Sweet Boats, you can auction your boat while still trading it in for a new one at your preferred dealership. This way, you can maximize your return by finding your own buyer on Sweet Boats and finalizing the transaction through your dealer.

3. Boat Selection: At Sweet Boats, we maintain the right to select the boats listed on our platform. We encourage you to refer to our Boat Listing Requirements to understand our selection criteria better.

4. Marketing Your Boat: We believe in the power of promotion. That’s why we actively advertise all live auction listings across various online platforms, including social media giants like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Google.

5. Listing Procedure: To list your boat for sale, simply visit our ‘Sell a Boat‘ page. Fill out the submission form. One of our representatives will contact you to get details about your boat and quality photos and/or video. Our team will review and approve your listing and schedule an auction date. It’s that simple.

6. Professional Assistance: At Sweet Boats, we understand the importance of presenting your boat in the best light. That’s why we offer professional photography and videography services at competitive rates. Our experts will capture your boat in all its glory, enhancing its appeal to potential buyers.

7. Auction Timeline: Each auction on Sweet Boats lasts for a period of 7 days. To ensure fair bidding, any bid placed in the last 2 minutes of the auction extends the auction by an additional 2 minutes.

8. Active Participation: We’ve designed a user-friendly messaging interface that allows you to respond directly to any comments or questions from potential buyers about your boat. We encourage active participation from our sellers as it builds trust and confidence among bidders. 

9. Reserve Price Option: At Sweet Boats, we offer sellers the flexibility to choose between a “reserve” and a “no reserve” auction. A “reserve” is the minimum price you’re willing to accept for your boat.

10. Transaction and Payment: Sweet Boats is NOT a boat broker that accepts payment from buyer and then remits payment to seller.  

Closing on the purchase transaction takes place directly between the winning bidder and the seller. However, Sweet Boats will provide guidance along the way to help finalize the transaction smoothly and quickly for both parties.

11. Post-Auction Support: If the reserve price isn’t met, don’t worry. At Sweet Boats, we’re committed to helping you find the right buyer. We’ll work with you and the highest bidder to negotiate a mutually agreeable sale price. If a deal can’t be reached, we may offer re-auction your boat

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