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10 Must Have Wake Boat Accessories: Spotlight on Small Biz

March 27, 2023

In this post we’re setting our sights on some awesome small and family businesses that are “making waves” in the wakesurfing world.  We’ve handpicked 8 outstanding brands which are owned by passionate wakesurfers. And these products could really help you elevate your wakesurfing experience. These brands are: Let’s Tie Up, Uptice, Evolution Surf Tabs, Surf Union, Surfinity, Rackazine, Joystick, Lead Wake Ballast Bags, and HyperRyd. And FYI, I am not getting any money to promote these brands, nor do I have any sort of affiliate relationships with these companies.

Let’s Tie Up Fenders

Let’s Tie Up is a Veteran and family-owned company, that is also very passionate about wakesurfing.  They produce the best boat fenders out there for tying up and chilling, or for just docking.  These inflatable, extra strength fenders will protect your boat from getting banged up, even in the roughest conditions.  When they’re not in use, you can deflate them in seconds and store them easily. You can buy their boat fenders here.
Let's tie up boat fenders

Uptice Wake Tower Flag Holder

Uptice is known for machining top notch flag holders at their facility in  St. George, Utah.  These wake tower flag holders will fit universal round tube towers, many factory towers, as well as Malibu/Axis towers. Show your American pride by rocking the Uptice Wake Tower Flag Holder.

Evolution Wakesurf Tabs

There is actually another small business out of St. George, Utah that I want to highlight. If  your boat doesn’t have a surf system, this is the ticket! Evolution manufactures an aftermarket wakesurf system that enables your boat to create a perfect wave with just the push of a button, (well, in this case a joystick rather than a button). Easily installed in a day by most competent DIYers, each kit has all the parts you need to turn an older boat into a surf machine.  Kits start at just under $3,200, which can be a good solution for aspiring wakesurfers who can’t afford to spring for a new wak boat with a built-in surf system. Check out their surf tab system here.

Surf Union Surf Fin Case

Keeping your boat free of clutter is a chore on any wake boat and Surf Union’s surf fin case is great solution for wake surfers.  Surf Union, also headquartered in Utah, is a lifestyle brand. The company is well known within the surf community, and they have some of the world’s best wake surfers on their team including, Baily Dunn and Jett Shreds (Jett Lambert).  As a serious surf style wakesurfer, I’ve struggled to keep my fins organized.  Now I have my all my fins protected, organized, and in one place.  In addition to storing your fins, the case doubles as a place to keep your wallet, keys,  and sunscreen.   At $39, this is a no brainer addition to your wakesurf kit. The case is available in either camo, or in a checkerboard pattern.

Surfinity Heated Blanket

The perfect addition to your wake boat for use during the colder months of the year is the Surfinity Heated Boat Blanket.  I love to surf early in the spring and late into the fall. But even if you live in a super warm climate, for those who are out early mornings or late evenings after the sun goes down, this blanket will keep you nice and toasty after a surf session or will warm up guests on your boat.  This blanket uses your existing boat heater tube to pump out hot air.  Not only does it a have a nice pocket for those frigid toes, it is also water and wind resistant to keep the rest of your body warm.  Priced around $140, it’s a great addition to your surf boat.
heated boat blanket

Rackanize Home Surf Racks

It’s easy to accumulate a quiver of wakesurf boards very quickly. However, storing them all at home can be a problem. Rackanize has the solution.

Laser cut from 12 gauge steel or marine grade aluminum, these storage racks will literally last a lifetime. They will help keep your garage tidy, but even more critical, helps to store them securely and safely so they don’t get damaged. In addition to storing your boards, they have nice life jacket holders too.  Rackanize racks are handmade in Canada and ship to the US at an affordable rate.  Starting at $215.99 CAD ($165 USD), these racks are a great solution for board storage.  This is their popular, 5 board, wakesurf rack.

Wakesurf board racks

Joystick Bounce Back Wakesurf Rope

The fourth company from Utah is Joystick wakesurf ropes, developed by passionate surfers. In fact,  Joystick  ropes are used in competition by the CWSA (Competitive Wake Surf Association).  They are handmade right here in the USA, which is very rare for a wake surf rope (they might even be the only ones).  Joystick ropes offer both safety and convenience for wakesurfers due to their T-handle and “bounce back” technology.

Their T-shaped rope handle helps prevent injury from arms or legs getting caught in the handle, which is a common occurrence for new surfers that can cause serious injury.  Their handles are also made of materials that make them easy to grip.

The rope also acts like a bungee, which allows the surfer to simply let go of the handle and it springs back gently so the rider doesn’t have to toss it.  They have a completely redesigned version that just came out (gen.5).  You can buy the newest version of the Joystick here.

Lead Wake Ballast Bags

The simplest way to make your surf wave enormous and dialed in is to add additional ballast to your boat.   These 50 lb. ballast bags are easily movable, so you can position them where they are most needed to fine tune your wave. Another plus is that they contain 100% recycled steel material (there is no actual lead). And a special bonus is that they are made in the USA.  I personally run 400 lbs. of “lead” in my boat, however it’s common to see upwards of 1,000 lbs. for those seeking huge waves.  Check out the Lead Wake Ballast Bags here.

HyperRyd Designs Overhead Board Racks

I’m saving the best for last, HyperRyd designs overhead board racks.  These are one of my favorite additions on my personal boat for storing my expensive wakesurf boards. The racks are a work of art, made out of  CNC aluminum with EVA foam padding to last a lifetime while preventing damage to your boards.  These racks install in minutes to your tower via clamps or simply screwing them on depending on your boat model. My favorite part of these racks is that they keep your boards out of damaging sun rays when your bimini  is top up. Direct sunlight on your boards can cause discoloration, yellowing, warping, and even delimitation of some some boards.  You board is held securely in place with with hook and loop fasteners, that are easy to slip your board in. I’ve been in some very rough water with mine and the boards don’t budge.
HyperRyd Board Racks

another great product from HyperRyd Designs, is their locker nets. These allow you to store life jackets and other items in your lockers above your ballast bags. Storing your gear at the top of the lockers provides access from the swim step on most wake boats, allowing you to stow wet gear without bringing it into the cabin. With space for approximately three to four vests on each side, depending on size, the increased airflow helps your gear dry more quickly and easily.

HyperRyd locker nets

Remember, I am not getting any money to promote these brands, nor do I have any sort of affiliate relationships with these small businesses. Because we, at Sweet Boats, are passionate, wakesurfing enthusiasts ourselves, we wanted to share with you some of the innovative, new accessories that these small businesses have created for your wakesurf lifestyle. These products will also make great gifts for the wakesurfers in your life, so take note!

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It is an honor to be part of the top 10 wake boat accessories. Thank you!

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