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Buyer's Protections

  1. Buyers and sellers both agree to hold harmless and indemnify Sweet Boats as a neutral third party between buyers and sellers. Sweet Boats is not a boat dealer or the sales agent of buyer or seller. Sweet Boats does not validate or verify information provided by sellers, nor does Sweet Boats guarantee in any way that sellers are providing accurate information.

    Sweet Boats provides an online auction platform for sellers to auction their boats. Likewise, Sweet Boats provides a platform for potential buyers to purchase a boat in an online auction.
  2. All boat auction listings on Sweet Boats are assumed to have accurate details provided by sellers with no material omissions. Sellers are obligated to disclose any cosmetic blemishes or mechanical issues with full transparency.

    Bidders can ask questions directly to the sellers on the boat auction page with full transparency. Any issues that are disclosed by sellers come with the assumption that the boat is being sold “as-is.”
  3. The buyer (winning bidder) of a Sweet Boats auction has the right to inspect the boat before closing the sale during the 10-day closing period. If the boat is out of state, it’s easy to find a marine inspector to perform a marine survey of the boat.
  4. If the buyer (winning bidder) of a Sweet Boats auction discovers issues with a boat during the 10-day closing period that affect the boat value, the buyer and seller can either, agree to a price reduction, or the seller can fix the issues.

    If a seller is not willing to reduce the price, or fix the said issues, a potential buyer can file a complaint with Sweet Boats. Sweet Boats, as a neutral third party, will then review the complaint.

    If Sweet Boats is able to determine that said issues were not disclosed by the seller, and/or, if the said issues negatively affect the value of the boat, Sweet Boats as a neutral third party will negotiate with the seller to either fix the issues, or reduce the price.

    If the seller refuses to negotiate by fixing the said issues, or by reducing the price of the boat, Sweet Boats will give the buyer the right to walk away from the purchase.
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