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Best 23′ Wakesurf Boats For 2023

March 17, 2023


Wakesurfing is an awesome water sport that requires a high-quality boat with the ability to produce a great surf wave. In 2023, there are a number of impressive 23′ wakesurfing boats on the market that are designed to elevate your experience to new heights. A 23′ wake boat is the most popular boat size for a few reasons. It is large enough for a few families. Most modern, half ton trucks can tow a 23′ boat no problem. It is easy to store, fitting in many large garages and shops. And it is easy to maneuver on the lake.

We will be taking a closer look at the top, 23′ wakesurfing boats of 2023, which include: the Nautique G23 Paragon, Centurion Ri230, Malibu LSV 23, MB Sports B52 Alpha, Supra SL, and Tige Z3. These boats offer an impressive combination of cutting-edge technology, awesome waves right out of the box, and great styling. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or just starting out, these boats are sure to impress and take your wakesurfing game to the next level.  If you’re looking for boats that are more affordable, check out our article about inexpensive wakeboard boats.

Nautique Pargagon G23

The Nautique G23 is widely considered to be one of the most advanced and impressive wakesurfing boats on the market. This boat will drop jaws at the lake. Nautiques are known for exceptional performance capabilities, and a range of cutting-edge features that set them apart from the competition. As the flagship model in the Nautique lineup, the G23 has been designed with the needs and preferences of the most demanding wakesurfers and boaters. For the people who love bells & whistles, this boat has them all.  This video really shows how awesome this boat is.

Photo Credit: Nautique

G23 Paragon Quick Stats 
Length: 23’Beam: 102”
Weight: 7,200 lbsFuel Capacity: 65 Gallons
Seats: 16Ballast: 2,200 lbs
MSPR Starting Price: $228,688* 
* Contact your local dealer for current pricing

Nautique G23 Paragon Surf Wave

Photo by Nautique

All the technology, bells, and whistlesIt costs as much as a house
Impeccable craftsmanshipYou will need 3/4 Ton + truck to tow it
Excellent resale value 

Centurion Ri230

The Centurion Ri230 is the choice of many professional surfers and used to two competitions. It’s the real deal, when you pull up at the lake in this, people will know you mean business when it comes to wakesurfing. Equipped with a class leading, 5,400 lbs of ballast, quick filling Ramfill ballast, and a proven surf system. This boat with satisfy the more saavy of surfers. Centurions are also known for having great fuel efficiency as well as a quiet and comfortable ride in rough water, thanks to the “Opti -V” hull.

Photo Credit: Centurion Boats

Centurion Ri230 Quick Stats 
Length: 23’Beam: 102”
Seats: 14Fuel Capacity: 81 gallons
Dry Weight: 5,500 lbsWeight on Trailer: 7,000 lbs
MSRP Starting Price: $180,000*Ballast: 5,400 Lbs
*Contact your local dealer for current pricing

Centurion RI230 Surf Wave

Photo Credit: Centurion Boats

World class waveNot quite up there with Nautique for fit and finish
Comfortable for rough water cruising due to deep V hullAlmost too much adjustability
Super quick filling ballast thanks to Ramfilll and multiple pumpsSurf system is known to be finicky
The most adjustable wave out there for riders with varying abilities 

2023 Supra SL

Luxury meets performance with the Supra SL. Supra offers plush interiors, refinement, and the latest technology. Equipped with AutoWake and the Swell Surf System, the boat’s wave is easy to set up with tons of adjustments, that can satisfy riders from beginner to professional.

Photo Credit: Supra Boats

2023 Supra SL Quick Stats 
Length: 23.5Beam: 102”
Seats: 17Fuel Capacity: 73 Gallons
Dry Weight: 5,950 lbsBallas:t: 4,000 lbs
MSRP: Starting at $186,000* 
*Consult with dealer for actual pricing

Supra SL Surf Wave

Photo Credit: Supra Boats

Premium build qualityNeeds additional weight (lead) to compete with the others
Beautiful interiorsBrand recognition 
Autowake and The Swell Surf System make a great wave 

Malibu 23′ LSV

The 2023 Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV is the number one selling boat for Malibu for a reason. It has great looks, awesome performance, and a trusted brand name. The boat is equipped with Malibu’s innovative Surf Gate system, which creates a well-shaped wave on either side of the boat, as well as the Power Wedge III system, which allows you to adjust the shape and size of the wave to your preferences. The boat creates a great wave that is very easy to set up and will satisfy wakesurfers of all levels. The drag from the wedge and the surfgates which form such a great wave do have a slight tradeoff, which is burning up more fuel.

Centurion Ri230 Wakesurf wave
Photo Credit: Malibu Boats

Malibu 23′ LSV Quick Stats 
 Length: 23′ Beam: 102″
 Seats: 16 Fuel Capacity: 65 Gallons
Dry Weight: 5,200 lbs  Ballast: 4,250 lbs

Malibu LSV Surf Wave

Photo Credit: Malibu Boats

The most popular wakesurf boat out thereMore fuel consumption due to surfgates and wedge
Easy to dial wave with surfgateDoes not handle rough water as well as some other brands
Great resale due to solid brand recognition 

MB Sport B52 Alpha

The 2023 MB Sports B52 Alpha is a top-of-the-line, 23′ wakesurfing boat. MBs are small batch boats, with only an estimated 250-300 boats made per year. MBs have a cult following for those who appreciate simplicity and reliability over flashy boats that emphasize luxury. The B52 Alpha is quickly gaining popularity among wakesurfing enthusiasts for being known to throw a world class wave that is up there with wakesurf boats that have a higher price tag. The boat features a “Deep-V” hull that produces a massive sized wave and provides a great, rough water ride too. The MB B52 is equipped with nearly 5,000 lbs of ballast that fills up in minutes thanks to quick fill ballast tanks and additional fat sacs. The Alpha shares the same hull, ballast, and surf system as the MB B52 Classic. Here is an in-depth review of the MB Sports B52 Classic.

Photo Credit: MB Sports

MB B52 Quick Stats 
Length: 23′Beam: 100″
Seats: 16Fuel Capacity: 65 Gallons
Dry Weight: 5,200 lbsBallast: 4,725 lbs
MSRP: 173,750* 
Contact your local dealer for actual pricing

MB Sports B52 Alpha Surf Wave

Photo Credit: MB Sports

Huge surf wave right out of the boxLack of technology compared to competition**
Easy to dial wave that requires little or no lead to change the wave sizeThe Ford Raptor motor can be loud
Lack of technology which means less things to break and simple to use**Brand recognition and very small dealer network
Great rough water rideControversial styling
**Depends on who you ask

Tige Z3

The Tige Z3 is one of the original surf machines when wakesurfing was first gaining popularity. The Z3 is Tige’s best selling boat and in 2021 the Z3 was redesigned to make better waves than before. Featuring a reliable Indmar Raptor motor and one of the best interiors in the biz, it also has an easy to use “Taps 3” for wave shape and size adjustments. This boat will definitely keep the stoke high for wakesurfing enthusiasts.

Photo Credit: Tige

Tige Z3 Quick Stats 
Length: 23.5′Beam: 102″
Seats: 16Fuel Capacity: 57 Gallons
Dry Weight: 5,350 lbsBallast: 3,750 lbs
MSRP: Estimated $160,000 
*Contact your local dealer for accurate pricing

Tige Z3 Surf Wave

Tige has awesome interiors and creature comfortsBrand recognition
Taps 3 and Convex Hull makes a great waveLight on the ballast, will need additional lead
One of the OG Surf MachinesLess fuel capacity than competition

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