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Affordable Wakeboard Boats: Ride for Less

May 11, 2023

If you’re an avid wakeboarder or wakesurfer, you know that having a wakeboard boat is essential to fully enjoy the sport. However, the common perception is that wakeboard boats are expensive, which can make it challenging for enthusiasts on a budget to own one. However with long financing terms up to 20 years and great resale value, they can be affordable. In this article, we will discuss the top affordable wakeboard boats that will help you enjoy wakeboarding without breaking the bank.

What is an Affordable Wakeboard Boat?

Before we delve into the best affordable wakeboard boats on the market, it’s essential to define what makes a wakeboard boat affordable. Generally, an affordable wakeboard boat is one that fits your budget, is reasonably priced compared to other boats of similar size and features, and has good value for its price. 

How much  do these “affordable” wakeboard boats cost? Well, you might be shocked as nearly all these boats are around $100,000!  That might sound crazy but you are able to finance these boat for 20 years which is very common.  With the long financing terms you can get into on of these boats with a manageable monthly payment of around $600 (many factors affect your monthly payment so talk to a lender for actual amount).  These wakeboard boats do hold their value extremely well,  which is another huge plus.  Wakeboard boats typically cost more than other types of boats, such as fishing boats, due to their specialized features, technology,  capabilities , and low production numbers. 

Factors to Consider when Looking for an Affordable Wakeboard Boat

When searching for an affordable wakeboard boat, there are a few factors you should consider to ensure that you get the best value for your money. These factors include:

Boat size: The larger the boat, the higher the cost. Consider the number of people you’ll be wakeboarding with and choose a boat that’s the right size for your needs.

Engine size: The engine size affects the boat’s performance, speed, and fuel efficiency. A larger engine will cost more upfront but may save you money in the long run with better fuel economy.

Features: Wakeboard boats come with various standard features now, such as ballast systems,  surf systems, towers, and sound systems. Consider which features are essential to you and choose a boat and model that has the features you need.

Top Affordable Wakeboard Boats on the Market

Here are the top affordable wakeboard boats on the market in no particular order.

ATX 22 Type-S – Ride the Waves, Ignite Your Passion

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line boat that can do it all, the ATX 22 Type-S is an excellent choice. Here are some highlights: 

The ATX 22 Type S is a new brand launched in 2019 by Tige, bringing you great styling, technology, and awesome waves for wakeboarding or wake surfing.

The TAPS 3E-T surfs system puts down three tons of pressure, creating big, nice waves. The system is easy to dial in your surf wave with just the push of a button.

The boat is loaded with over 3,000 lb of ballast, delivering proven performance with the Convex V Hull and TAPS 3T.

The boat is powered by a 6.2-liter in-mart engine, delivering 400 horsepower.



      • The ATX 22 Type-S is a great boat for the first-time buyer, as it has everything you need and nothing that you don’t need.
      • The boat features a reverse-facing seat and a walkthrough upgrade for added comfort
      • The boat comes with a flat dash for better visibility and wireless phone charging.

        • The boat may be a bit pricey for some buyers.
        • Some may find the boat’s design to be too rectangular and futuristic.
        • Interior could be a little nicer


      ATX 22 Type-S Product Specifications:

      Length: 22′ (6.71 m)
      Boat Beam: 102″ (259.08 cm)
      Dry Weight: 4,950 lb (2245.28 kg)
      Ballast: 3000 lb (1360.78 kg)
      Fuel Capacity: 57 gal (215.77 l)
      Seating: 15
      Draft: 29″ (73.66 cm)

      In conclusion, the ATX 22 Type S is a high-performance boat with top-of-the-line features for wakeboarding or wake surfing. While it may be pricey for some, its exceptional performance and innovative technology make it a standout product in its category.Nautique Super Air Nautique 200

      Heyday H22 – Elevate Your Surf Game Without Breaking The Bank

      Photo Credit: Heyday Boats

      As a wakeboarder or wakesurfer, you’ll find that the Heyday H22 is a solid choice for your boating needs. Heyday is owned by Bayliner, one of the largest boat manufactures in the world.  The 370 hp T6200 inboard engine planes quickly, and the boat handles well even when loaded with passengers and ballast. You’ll appreciate the Simrad touchscreen multifunction display that’s easy to use, along with the presets for “Surf Left” and “Surf Right.” The transom seats are unique and comfortable for viewing the wake action. However, the lack of engine options may disappoint those looking for more power. Additionally, some users have reported issues with the interior upholstery. Overall, the Heyday H22 is a good-performing boat at an attractive price.


          • Attractive design with a  deep hull
          • Comfortable transom seats for viewing wake action
          • Simrad touchscreen multifunction display with Heyday’s custom software
          • Good value for price


            • Limited engine options may disappoint some users
            • Issues with interior upholstery reported by some users
            • There is not a true surf system,  the wave is created by listing the boat over by shifting ballast

          Heyday H22 Specifications:

          Length: 22 feet
          Dry Weight: 5,188
          Ballast: 2,950 pounds
          Seating: 14 passengers

          The Axis A22 is an affordable wakeboard boat that’s perfect for wakeboarding and wakesurfing. It comes with a 6.0L engine that provides excellent power and fuel efficiency. The A22 also has a ballast system that can hold up to 2,100 pounds of water, making it easy to create the perfect wake. The boat’s tower has swivel racks that can hold up to four wakeboards, and its audio system produces high-quality sound.

          Axis T220 – Amplify Your Wake Surfing Journey.

          Photo Credit: Axis Boats

          Looking for a versatile and high-performing boat that can deliver top-notch wakeboarding and surfing experiences? The Axis T220 may just be what you’re looking for. Here’s a detailed review of this boat, graded on 5 criteria:

          you will appreciate the T220’s spacious cabin and ample storage, as well as its comfortable seating and advanced technology features. You’ll also enjoy its powerful engine and smooth handling on the water.

          Having studied the T220’s design, standard features throughout, and performance, we can confidently say that this boat is a top-of-the-line model that offers exceptional value for its price.

          The T220 boasts a 22-foot length, a 102-inch beam, and a capacity for 15 people. It’s powered by a standard M5 Monsoon engine (upgradable to an M6), and has a ballast capacity of 4,400 lbs. The boat can reach a maximum speed of around 40 mph, and offers impressive wakeboarding and surfing performance thanks to its Surf Gate and Power Wedge features.

          What sets the T220 apart from its competitors is its combination of high-end features and reasonable price point. It offers a great balance of comfort, performance, and technology, making it an ideal choice for wakeboarding and surfing enthusiasts who want a boat that delivers on all fronts.


            • Spacious cabin and ample storage
            • Comfortable seating and advanced technology features
            • Simple to use and set up wakesurf system
            • Great wakeboarding and surfing performance
            • Malibu quality 


            • Limited bow seating compared to some models
            • May require additional ballast for larger waves
            • Consume more fuel than competition


          Axit T220 Specifications:

          Length: 22 feet
          Beam: 102 inches
          Dry Weight: 4,850 
          Capacity: 15 people
          Ballast: 4,205lbs
          Surf System:  Malibu Surfgate

          Moomba Max – Unleash Your Ultimate Surf Adventure.

          Photo Credit: Moomba Boats

          Are you in the market for a surf-specific boat that delivers big-time wake and surf action? Look no further than the Moomba Max.  This 22.5-foot boat weighs in at 4,500 pounds and comes equipped with 4,000 pounds of factory ballast, Moomba’s AutoWake surf technology, and a Flow 2.0 surf system. As someone who knows their way around the water, let me tell you, this boat is a winner.


              • 4,000 pounds of factory ballast ensure that you’ll have a consistent and epic wake and surf canvas for everyone to enjoy.
              • The Moomba SmartPlate and Flow Surf Systems allow for precise wake-shaping control that caters to your specific preferences.
              • The Wet Sounds Revolution Series speakers pack a punch and deliver full-range sound even when the boat’s at full throttle.
              • The 6.2L Raptor Series engine is fuel-efficient and provides best-in-class torque and horsepower where you need it most.
              • TONS of storage


              • The boat’s boxy, utilitarian design may not be everyone’s cup of tea.
              • While the 4,000 pounds of ballast is impressive, some hardcore wake surfers may still want to add more weight to achieve the ultimate wave.
              • The boat may not be the best choice for those who prefer more traditional boating activities like fishing or cruising.



          Moomba Max Specifications:

          Boat Length: 22’4″
          Dry Weight: 4,500 lbs
          Ballast: 4,000 lbs
          Capacity: 14 persons
          Base Engine: 370 HP
          Fuel Capacity: 40 Gallons
          Stereo: Fusion Bluetooth with Wet Sounds Tower Speakers
          Wake and Surf Systems: Moomba SmartPlate, Flow Surf Systems, AutoWake

          As someone who’s spent plenty of time on the water, I can confidently say that the Moomba Max is a great choice for anyone in the market for a surf-specific boat. The combination of Moomba’s advanced wake and surf systems, powerful engine, and spacious design make for an incredible experience out on the water.

          The 4,000 pounds of factory ballast and precise wake-shaping technology mean you can create the perfect wave every time, no matter your skill level. The Wet Sounds Tower Speakers and Fusion Bluetooth stereo deliver clear, powerful sound that makes it easy to enjoy your favorite tunes while you’re out on the water. And with room for up to 17 people, the Moomba Max is perfect for a day of fun with family and friends.

          And while the 4,000 pounds of factory ballast is impressive, some hardcore wake surfers may still want to add more weight to achieve the ultimate wave. But overall, the Moomba Max is a great choice for anyone who wants to experience the thrill of surfing behind a top-of-the-line boat.

          In conclusion, the Moomba Max is an excellent boat that offers a great value and superior performance. It’s perfect for anyone who loves to surf and wants to take their skills to the next level. The combination of Moomba’s advanced wake and surf systems, powerful engine, and spacious design make for an incredible experience out on the water. So

          Supreme S220 – A Versatile and High-Performing Wake Surf Boat



          Looking for an affordable wakeboard boat that delivers an impressive wave for riders of all skill levels? As an expert in wake boats and surf boats, it’s easy to say that the Supreme S220 is one of the best wake boats that you’ll ever come across for the price. It ticks all the boxes for the perfect wake boat and surfing experience, from its beautiful design to its impressive features. Here’s a detailed review of the Supreme S220.

          The Supreme S220 is a 22-foot boat that has been designed specifically for wake surfing. Using trickle down technology from it’s parent company, Centurion, this boat makes a great surf wave.

          With its 4,400-pound ballast system, you’ll experience an exhilarating ride every time. Plus, towing and storing is a breeze with the customizable Boatmate trailer.

          What sets this boat apart is its user-friendly design, featuring an intuitive touchscreen display for easy control of speed, ballast, and more. And with room for up to 14 people, it’s perfect for larger groups.

          The helm seat even has a flip-up bolster for drivers who prefer to stand. Stay connected with the wireless charging station and phone holder. Thanks to the Easy V running surface, generating a great wave is effortless while enjoying a smooth ride. And with Zero Off cruise and speed control, maintaining a steady speed while wake surfing is a piece of cake. Get ready to ride for less with the Supreme S220.


          • Great waves
          • Intuitive touchscreen display
          • Fuel efficient PCM motor
          • Easy V running surface for a smooth rough water ride and big waves
          • Zero Off cruise control system

          • The ballast system takes time to fill and empty
          • Limited storage space for larger groups

          Supreme S220 Specifications:

          Length: 22 ft.
          Ballast system: 4,400 lbs.
          Capacity: Up to 14 people
          Engine: 6.0L or 6.2L Indmar engine
          Trailer: Boatmate trailer with removable/swing away tongue

          What sets it apart from competitors?

          The Supreme S220 stands out from its competitors due to its customizable trailer, user-friendly touchscreen display, and wireless charging station. The boat’s Torque Flex suspension system and Zero Off cruise control system also provide a comfortable and hassle-free wake surfing experience. Additionally, its versatile hull design allows it to accommodate up to 14 people, making it perfect for larger groups.

          In conclusion, the Supreme S220 is an excellent wake surf boat that provides an unparalleled wake surfing experience. While it may be on the expensive side, its customizable trailer, intuitive touchscreen display, and comfortable ride make it well worth the investment. Whether you’re a seasoned wake surfer or a beginner, the Supreme S220 is a boat that you won’t regret purchasing.

          Tips for Buying an Affordable Wakeboard Boat

          When buying an affordable wakeboard ski boat here, there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure that you get the best deal possible.

          Research: Do your research on the other boats for sale that you’re interested in, and compare their features, prices, and reviews.

        • Demo: Try before you buy!  All boat dealers and sellers should allow you to test out the boat before you buy it. Compare different models too. 

          Buy used: Buying a used boat can save you money, but make sure to inspect it carefully and take it for a test drive before making a purchase.

          Negotiate: Don’t be afraid to negotiate the sale price, the MSRP is the starting point for negotiation. 


          Other Affordable Wakeboard Boat Options

          In conclusion, owning a wakeboard boat doesn’t have to be expensive. With the top affordable wakeboard boats on the market and the right buying tips, you can find a high-quality boat that fits your budget. Remember to consider the boat size, engine size, year of manufacture, and features when looking for an affordable wakeboard boat. By following these tips, you can make wakeboarding a more accessible sport for everyone. 

          If you’re looking for a slightly more premium boats that are larger, check out our post on the top-rated 23’ wakesurf boats.

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